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We believe in simplicity, preach perfectionism and have fun in what we do.
We are a multidisciplinary and diverse team that combines experience in the use of diverse technologies with creativity to find the best solution for each client

Our values


To understand the other person and the context surrounding a situation, always maintaining an empathetic stance, being aware that each of my actions has an effect or result.


It is the act of daring to do something, acting proactively with the intention of always improving, taking ownership of a responsibility.


Individual work and dedication are the main keys to achieving the team’s goals and dreams. The sum of each of the Dixters is what makes us Dixtra.

Enjoy the process

We work at Dixtra because it motivates us, it’s fun, and it makes us happy, doing what we love. We bring enthusiasm even when the task isn’t our favorite, seeing the opportunity and learning that lies behind it.

Passion for what we do

Enjoying the solution or simplification of a problem with the intention of learning, carrying out a commitment, resulting in personal satisfaction.