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Optimizing stock and sales management in marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, centralizing inventory and optimizing availability. We integrate shipments with tracking and payment integration.

What do we offer?

Consulting, business analysis and implementation

We deeply and comprehensively analyze your business to present you customized and comprehensive solutions, oriented to the optimization of objectives and processes.

Integration of operating systems

We design, develop and implement valuable software to complement existing functionalities in order to enhance your online sales channel.

Technological solutions development

We design and execute digital tools that respond to current issues that affect your business processes and customer experience.

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Technologies we use

We work with existing and state-of-the-art technologies, so that our customers can count on high quality products

Our solutions

Tu Shopper

Platform designed to manage, measure and optimize the preparation of orders received by a business through different sales channels

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Optimize order preparation time

Ensure correct order assembly

Implement substitute product management

Provide personalized customer service

Dx Delivery

Platform designed to manage, measure and optimize the shipment of orders for mailing companies

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Implementation of automatic order management

Optimization of shipping routes

Online and real time order tracking

Classification of shipments according to zone, size and package

Dx Last Mile

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Unification of the e-commerce multichannel sales process

Reduction of costs and time associated with the delivery process

Reduction of carbon footprint

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UES es una empresa líder de servicios postales, agencias y logística para el comercio electrónico con más de 22 años de experiencia. Su objetivo es que el cliente pueda realizar las entregas de forma segura, sencilla, rápida y flexible sin que tenga que moverse de su casa.

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